Saturday, October 15, 2011

Because I'm With You..

I’m aware, our paths head different ways
Silently I agree to this unappealing phase
But listen to my silence, it clearly says
I’ll be with you…..always

Life without you, will be a barren land
Sad and unhappy, it will lack elan
Whenever you’ll call me, I’ll hold your hand
& we’ll walk together, in the sand

There’ll be times, we’ll say “Good Bye”
But,I’ll come back to you, Yes..I”try
We might never see each other,I don’t deny
But we’ll meet in my memories, just you and I

Those moments when we’ll meet, maybe very few
But if you’ll need me, my life I shall give
Destiny may make us part, but do believe
Distances don’t matter, ‘cos I will never leave


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