Monday, September 19, 2011

18th Sep 2011 Earthquake, My Experience.

18th Sep 2011, Nepali time almost 6:30 pm, A powerful  earthquake has been experienced in Kathmandu(preliminary magnitude 6.9 RS, epicenter-sikkim,India!). I have never been so terrified in my entire life!!  I was on the road near to my home and suddenly people came all over the street began to scream and i saw the building ,began to shake, like I was performing a balancing act). It was more like a rolling to and fro feeling, lost my sense of balance, I could hardly stand up straight.. after some hours I was feeling  dizzy and legs were still wobbling. I was not with my family so I started to call my near and dear ones.Mobile networks were also affected by the earthquake.It  was really a horror day, for some it was exciting coz they felt it for the first time, some lives are lost, few things were dismantled. Hope lesser were aftereffects. Those who lost lives their soul remain in peace. We are so lucky that god saved thousand of people’s life. things would have gone so worse if it started from kathmandu.


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