30th August...a memory

उसले हात हल्लाउदै बिदाई को इशारा गर्दै थिई। उसका रसाएका आखाँ बाट चोखो मायाको भाव पोखिदै थियो। उ बिस्तारै विमानस्थल सुरक्षाजांच कक्षतिर अगाडी बढ्न थाली। मैले पनि फेरी...

How to host.com.np domain in Google Blogger?

Open the Google Blogger site. Sign in with your Google account or you can Sign up new here. On the blogger dashboard you will find the New Blog button on the left side bar..

Do your feelings for your first love ever really fade??

We often don't feel Love each and every day Just the same it's there And will never fade away..Just like the ocean tide Coming in and going out At times our love's so strongOther times is seldom felt.....


Self-respect is a fundamental for a great life. If we lack self-respect we will be insecure and strive to be someone we are not. To develop self-respect means to cultivate the self confidence to deal with whatever life throws at us..

The Relation, I Love To Hate

Sometimes we used to imagine you and me more or less being happy together..we had conquered the new world,But now, I found myself so far away.

Monday, June 16, 2014

एउटा जिन्दगी

पर त्यो,
धुम्म,कालो, क्षितिज भेट्ने
अनगिन्ति अप्ठ्यारा बाटा अनि चौबाटाहरुमा
टुट्दै, फुट्दै,
लर्खरौदै, धन्मनौदै ,
गुड्दै छ,
एउटा जिन्दगी ।

निसास्सिएको एउटा जिन्दगी
जहाँ ,
हाँसो , हाँसो बनेर खुल्न सक्दैन,
खुशी, खुशी बनेर घुल्न सक्दैन ।

पिल्सिएको एउटा जिन्दगी
चोट, चोट बनेर दुख्न सक्दैन,
पीडा, पीडा बनेर पोखिन सक्दैन ।

थिचिएको एउटा जिन्दगी
आँसु, आँसु बनेर खस्न सक्दैन,
शब्द , शब्द बनेर झर्न सक्दैन ।

तैपनि कहिँ कतै
नफ़ुटेझैं , नटुटेझैं, नदुखेझैं 
गुड्दैछ हाँसोको लेप दलेर,
नाटकी एउटा जिन्दगी।

Friday, August 30, 2013

30th August.. a memory

उसले हात हल्लाउदै बिदाई को इशारा गर्दै थिई उसका रसाएका आखाँ बाट चोखो मायाको भाव पोखिदै थियो। उ बिस्तारै विमानस्थल सुरक्षाजांच कक्षतिर अगाडी बढ्न थाली। मैले पनि फेरी भेट हुने आशा मा हात हल्लाईरहे जब सम्म उ मेरो आखाँ बाट ओझेल परिन। उसलाई त्यो क्षण मा देख्दा मेरा आखाहरू पनि भरिई सकेका थिए। बिस्तारै प्लेन उड्न थाल्यो, टाढा क्षितिज सम्म फर्केर हेरिरहें, शायद म अन्तिम क्षण पनि उसलाई एकपटक फेरी देख्न सकूँ। मलाई थाहा थियो केही बेरपछी त्यो क्षितिज पनि मेरो नजरवाट विलुप्त हुनेछ, अनि मा सधै सधै को लागि एक्लो हुनेछु..अनि.. अनि .. आफैलाई सम्झाउदै पाईला अगाडी बढाउन थालें..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to host .com.np domain in Google's Blogger?

Hi everybody! I am here with another tutorial about how to host your website yourdomain.com.np on any PHP web host along with Google Blogger like blog.yourdomain.com.np. You have previously learned about hosting your website on blogger but it is only limited to blog so this tutorial is certainly going to help you to host your custom site or any cms to host on any webhost along with the blog in blogger. I think you understood what I meant to say. Okay lets start with the easy way.

Step1: Log-in to you domain control panel and change the name server as listed below

Primary Name Server: NS1.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:

Secondary Name Server: NS2.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:

Tertiary Name Server: NS3.AFRAID.ORG
IP Address:

Note: This dns server belongs to Afraid.Org which is free DNS service provider and reliable too.

Step 2: Now visit freedns.afraid.org and click on Sign Up! and fill the form. Activate your account with the link mailed on your email account. So describing Afraid.Org( I will abbreviate it as AO) it is the free DNS hosting let you fully manage your own domain. It is very very simple to use and work quite well. Once you are done then you are ready to start.

Step 3: On you AO account click on "Domains" on the left sidebar. You will find "Add Domain" on the page somewhere. This is the place where you are going to add your domain to work. So click on "Add Domain" and you will be redirected to their domain manager.

Step 4: On AO domain manager type your registered .np domain. If you want to share your domain in public then keep it public else select the Private options from the drop down menu. I prefer to keep it private. Now submit the form. You will be redirected to Addition Success! page with the message 'Domain yourdomain.com.np has been added to the system.'. You have to wait for few days until your domain propagates to AO DNS Nameserver. It may take 3 working days or more than a week sometime.

Step 5: Click on "Domains" and on the "Manage" beside your Domain name. You will notice the 6 subdomains with your domain out of which 5 are "Not Yet Configured." and 1 with the MX record. This is the place where we are now going to configure the A and CNAME Records. On this page you already got the naked domain "yourdomain.com.np" un-configured. So click on the unconfigured domain name. Now you are editing yourdomain.com.np which is A type. On destination type A record which in in the form of IP provided by webhost. Leave other field as it is and click on Save button.

Note: You can find the A record from your webhost detail page or you can contact your web hosting company.

Step 6: Now on the "Subdomains" page click on the [ add ] link to add remaining CNAME records.
Subdomain: www
Domain: yourdomain.com.np
Destination: yourdomain.com.np
Subdomain: blog
Domain: yourdomain.com.np
Destination: ghs.google.com
Hope you have made it successfully. If yes then working with AO is over. Now we are moving to your web host and Blogger to make this final setup.

Step 7: Open the Google Blogger site. Sign in with your Google account or you can Sign up new here. On the blogger dashboard you will find the New Blog button on the left side bar. Click it and a popup appears on your screen. See on the screenshot below.
Fill the form with Title and Address. When you see the blue square box with Right tick on it, that means the blog address is available else try with some other address. Select the Template available on the pane(You can change it later). Finally click on the Create Blog button to make it your own.

Step 8: When you are into the Blogger Home click on the More options button next to your blog title and go to the Settings option.
On the Setting page you will find the Publishing options where your Blog Address appears. Below that you will find "+ Add a custom domain" . Click it!

Step 9: Now you are about to complete the process. After clicking "+ Add a custom domain" message says if you want to buy a domain for your blog. Below that you can see "Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings". Click on "Switch to advanced settings" . On the "Advanced setting" enter your domain name for blog like "blog.yourname.com.np". Don't forget to prefix blog before your domain name and Save the form.

Step 10: Log on to your web hosting control panel and find "Add Domain" to add your domain name yourdomain.com.np. Now try to visit your site on your favorite browser. If its working fine than congratulation or else you can wait and hour or two to get your domain propagated by afraid.org. If you got any difficulties doing so then you can comment below on the comment form.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Day Special

Love is a feeling deeply bound
And not the idea of sleeping around!
True love minds of fairness, equality and appreciation
And not just affection!
Love is love...
Something deep, something worth to have.
Its an amazing feeling;
Anxiety free, even better than healing!
Love is not chosen
But rather it is found and only comes from heaven...
Search and wait for true love
Dont give up....for there is no set date
Worry not of your age for its never too late!
Love is not chosen....
For love is just love!


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