Monday, July 19, 2010

Why do people cheat in a relationship?

Is your relationship in good standing or is it cold like snow? The way that you see it will help you realize your relationship status. This will also help you to see if your mate is potentially cheating on you or if there will be a future breakup. One day you two used to be so in love and now you can't wait to get out of the house. This happens very often. It's not uncommon to end up feeling this way after awhile. In the beginning you're so in love until you saw that girls keep calling him and now it's over. Some relationship ends like this, It is hot and then it melts like ice.
Why do people cheat in relationship? They say that the number one reason why people cheated is because the relationship lacks intimacy. This means that the couple have fallen out of love. They don't spend time being intimate or spend time with each other any more. You don't talk to each other that much anymore. You're now keeping everything to yourself. This is when cheating starts to begin. Your mate will begin to look for someone new. They're not happy any more in the relationship.

If your relationship reached this point, you should think about your future plan. Do you want to make it work or will you want to end things? I think that if you can patch it up then you should. Relationship can fall even over a little misunderstanding. We tend to misunderstand a lot in relationship. We are blind most of the time and when we step back we realize that we're overreacting. People overreact all the time in relationship. It's strange but we tend to overreact all the time in love. We are different than when we're not in a relationship. Love is a strange thing. It makes us illogical.

Here are some of the most common signs of a cheating wife /girlfriend. However, the same can be said about the signs of cheating husband/ boyfriend.

1. She is emotionally distant.
2. She is attracted to someone else.(perhaps she meets a new man)
3. He moves in with the man and gets, or tries to get, a commitment.
4. Normal problems occur,angry and resentful, blaming her partner for all problems.
5. She doesn't share anything wid her boyfriend, eveything is so private.
5. She sets up a new, secret e-mail account.
6. She sets up a secret, cell phone number, or a secret mobile number.
7. She deletes all incoming phone calls from caller ID, her cell messages, and her e-mail.
8. She's on the computer a lot times (perhaps chatting wid her new man).
9. She becomes suspicious of her boyfriend/husband, due to her own guilt.
10. If she is far, ignores your calls, neither calls you.(pretends to be busy)
11. She lacks of intimacy, fun, commitment, respect, and everything.
12. She starts fights to get rid of boyfriend.

Due to the lack of intimacy, fun, commitment, respect, and everything that they want and not getting in the current relationship. Relationship is so complex that people can leave or want to cheat if there's a few things that are out of places. If things are out of places then people will want to cheat or to look for other things that make them happy. I feel like if things are bad then you should break up and let the person be happy and be with whoever that you want. Why should you stay with a relationship if you're not happy.


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