Monday, June 21, 2010

Moments spent with you..

Those days in my life.. I can never forget
Never in those days was I ever upset..
Where each hour had something new to give.
Each moment taught me how to live..

Those days in my life were the happiest one’s
It was then that I had lots of fun..
They are still in my mind.. as good as new
How can I forget .. those moments spent with you..

And now that you have gone..
I am left all alone..
And in these lonely hours.. I am forced to see.
How I wish.. you were with me..

And when in gloomy thoughts I lay..
To reach to mind makes way..
And suddenly I am lost..and begin to live..
In those moments.. spent with you..

These moments with you .. i will cherish
I will hold them on.. till I perish..
For these memories of the past..
Will give me company.. till I last..


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